Test evaluation system via the Web using the item response theory

T. Sakumura, H. Hirose

Information, Vol.13, No.3, pp.647-656 (2010.5)

Although the superiority of the test method using the item response theory (IRT) over the classical test method is valid for regular examinations such as the midterm and final tests in universities and colleges, the IRT is not known to teachers in universities and colleges. To enhance the chance of use of this new method, we have developed a test evaluation system via the Web for university teachers. By simply dragging an EXCEL file in which 0/1 scores of the test result are stored to a program place of the Web page, teachers can obtain students' abilities and parameters for each problem attached in that EXCEL file. By using the IRT evaluation in tests, we have found that:
1) we can include high and low level test items together so that we can assess the student abilities more accurately and fairly; we do not worry about providing easier problems which will make the lecture level down; in other words, we do not care about finding the most appropriate problem levels to each student.
2) students do not raise claims about their scores; they are satisfied with this way of testing.

Key Words
test evaluation; item response theory; e-learning; Web system.



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