Attendance to Lectures is Crucial in Order Not to Drop Out


H. Hirose


7th International Conference on Learning Technologies and Learning Environments (LTLE2018), pp.194-198, July 8-12, 2018.

In addition to the learning check testing results performed at each lectures, we have extended the factors to find the key dropping out factors. Among them are, the number of successes in the learning check testing, the number of attendances to the follow-up program classes, and etc.
Then, we have found key factors strongly related to the students at risk.
They are the following.
1) Badly failed students (score range is 0-39 in the final examination) tend to be absent for the regular classes and fail in the learning check testing even if they attended, and they are very reluctant to attend the follow-up program classes. 2) Successful students (score range is 60-100 in the final examination) attend classes and get good scores in every learning check testing. 3) Failed students but not so badly (score range is 40-59 in the final examination) reveal both sides of features appeared in score range of 0-39 and score range of 60-100. Therefore, it is crucial to attend the lectures in order not to drop out.

Key Words
follow-up program, follow-up system, learning check testing, follow-up program testing, collaborative work testing, item response theory, adaptive online testing.



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