Relationship Between Testing Time and Score in CBT


Hideo Hirose


International Journal of Learning Technologies and Learning Environments (IJLTLE), Vol 2, No 1, pp.35-52, May 31, 2019.

By looking at the relationships between the numbers of correct answers and the time durations that students spend in taking tests, we have found that there are typical three patterns. The patterns of the time durations spent in taking the test to each number of correct answers depends on the difficulties of the questions. To easy problems to solve, some smart students can use less time to solve the problems and students with low academic ability need much time to solve. To moderate problems to solve, every student requires the similar time duration to solve the problems. To difficult problems to solve, many students tend to use full time to the pre-specified time duration, but some students with low ability may give up tackling the problem soon.

Key Words
success/failure prediction, item response theory, nearest neighbor, similarity, online testing, learning analytics.



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