The Extended Cumulative Exposure Model (ECEM) and Its Application to Oil Insulation Test

Hideo Hirose, Takenori Sakumura

IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol.61, No.3, pp.625-633 (2012.9), DOI 10.1109/TR.2012.2207575

The cumulative exposure model (CEM) is often used to express the failure probability model in step-stress accelerated life test (SSALT). This probability model is widely accepted in reliability fields because accumulation of fatigue is considered to be reasonable. Contrary to this, the memoryless model (MM) is also used in electrical engineering because accumulation of fatigue is not observed in some cases. We propose here a new model, the extended cumulative exposure model (ECEM), which includes features of both the described models. A simulation study and applications to the actual experimental cases support the applicability of the proposed model. The independence model (IM) is also critically discussed.

Key Words

step-stress accelerated life test, cumulative exposure model, memoryless model, extended cumulative exposure model, independence model.



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WoS: COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 巻: 72 ページ: 106-113 発行: JUN 2014