An Active Learning Method using the Problem of Optimum Saury Layout on a Gridiron by Using the Interdisciplinary Scientific Methods


Hideo Hirose


The International Conference on Electrical Engineering 2016 (ICEE2016), PID90310, pp.1-6, July 3-7, 2016, Okinawa, Japan.

Even though we use a simple but ridiculous problem finding the optimum saury baking layout on a fish gridiron by Joule heat, we can invoke the interest to science by combining electrical engineering, linear algebra and probability viewpoints. These elements are, use of solving linear equation and Poisson's equation, and applying the central limit theorem to this situation. In addition, by removing the constraints, we can create a new problem free from our common sense. Presenting funny but essential problems could be another aspect for active learning.

Key Words
active learning, network equation, Poisson equation, central limit theorem, saury baking.



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