Learning Analytics Oriented Learning Assistance


Hideo Hirose

Computer & Education , Vol.45, pp.??-?? (2018.12)

コンピュータ&エデュケーション(CIEC), Vol.45, pp.23-30 (2018.12)


Using accumulated data by a large-scale online testing system, we will be able to perform the learning analytics useful for practical learning improvements. For example, by accumulating the online testing results performed in each lecture time, we can estimate the abilities of students using the item response theory, and we further analyze the ability trends. Then, we can predict whether a certain student will be successful or not to the final examination. In other words, in this paper, we have mentioned that we can propose an improved methodology toward the learning assistance oriented from the learning analytics in order to identify students at risk for dropout and to eliminate the risk by supporting them at early stages. In parameter estimation, we adopt methods of machine learning.


Key Words
ラーニングアナリティクス,オンラインテスティング,ラーニングトレンド,項目反応理論, 機械学習
learning analytics, online-testing, learning-trend, item response theory, machine learning

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