A small implementation case of the mathematics tests with the Item Response Theory evaluation into an e-learning system


Yuki Tsukihara, Keiichi Suzuki, Hideo Hirose
月原由紀, 鈴木敬一, 廣瀬英雄

Computer & Education , Vol.24, pp.70-76 (2008.6)

コンピュータ&エデュケーション(CIEC),Vol.24, pp.70-76 (2008.6)


Although e-learning systems have widely been used to assist the university lectures, those systems with tests evaluation using the IRT (item response theory) have just begun, and such a case is not so well known, in particular, for mathematics education in universities. In this paper, 1) we describe the superiority of the IRT evaluation results over the raw score evaluation by comparing these two methods, and 2) we show a small e-learning system in which the IRT evaluation system is included to grasp the abilities of students toward mathematics and to enhance the interest to learn mathematics.


Key Words
項目反応理論, e-learning, 大学数学テスト
IRT, e-learning, tests of mathematics in universities

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岩手大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター研究紀要 第11号 167-175, 2012